How to protect data from free wifi

Do you love using free wifi, Which is available in railway station or library. Do you ever concern about your privacy may be leaking. Some watching what you are searching. So what to do.

Free wifi is good to use there is not any issue with it till you are not doing any illegal work on that network. But it’s important to protect your data from stolen by any hacker. So, to protect yourself you have to do some step which i have been listed below.

Use Https Website

It good habit to use Https website because in this type of connection between server and client is secure by cryptography encryption in which normal text is converted into cipher text. Which only decrypted by private key. still this is not full proof step but it’s good choice to access Https:// website.


Vpn is good to use to protect your complete data from sniffing or MITM attack. In this your data is transmitted in secure tunnel. It’s function is similar to Https://. See if you using VPN it’s not means that your data cannot been traced. Some vpn provide your data to government in some cases. If you done any criminal activity.

Don’t Click Any Usual Link

If any one send you link which you think is shortened then don’t click on it. If you trust the person who sended that link then use link descrypter and then open that particular link. It’s better to don’t visit such link. Because that kind of link may be phishing page or attached with any trojan virus.

This are the basic things which you should be remembered while using free wifi. I have make this blog to short as much possible to make easy to remember you. So stay safe stay secure.

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