Top 5 Programming Language which you should definitely learn.

If you are teenage and deciding to choose IT as your career then you should have to learn some of the programming language. People get confused while choosing which programming language they should start first the is common i also get confused while starting to learn programming language. As there is more then 100 programming language.

So today i tell some of the most popular top 5 programming language this list i presented by reading many article and the basis of my opinion. The all 5 programming language can be used in different purpose.So , you can select which you should learn to get your work done.


No doubt why python is placed no 1 in our list. Python is interactive, interpreter, and high level programming language. The best things in python is that you get list of python libraries which you can use to create program easily and effectively. Python can be used in almost every field like in machine learning likeĀ artificial intelligence and low programming also can be done using python. Python is easy to learn like other programming language python do not use symbols in it’s language it use simple English word in its programming language. The best advantage is that you can easily learn python for free of coast from its official site.


Javascript is client side scripting language which is mostly used in validation on form. But the best thing in javascript is that you can do lots of things in Javascript. This programming language comes in top 10 most used programming language. So here you can understand how powerful javascript. Javascript is little bit hard to learn as it’s syntax is complicated then python. But you should try once javascript may be you can do well in it.


Php (PHP hypertext preprocessor) is my favourite programming language. In simple word if i want to explain you what is python then just remember that. Php is just opposite of Javascript. Like javascript is client based programming language Php is server side scripting language. In python can do almost everything. you can take user input from text box. Place that input in database. Update value from database table at any time. Almost everything you can do and it’s very effective programming language which you should learn once.


C++ is upgrade version of c programming language. Using c you can do almost every thing it can be used creating software, OS (operating system) or device firmware. Almost every you can do with this programming language. It is the basic programming language which almost all programmer should know how to use it.

Assembly And Java

May be you surprised by seeing 2 programming language in our listĀ  but yes both of them are equal with each other. Assembly programming language is used to create low level programs like OS kernel, firmware and in other hand java is used to connect hard with software. This both programming language is little bit hard to learn. But if you want to become best programmer you should learn this also.

Final Advise

Above is one of the best programming language in the world. I do not force to learn particular language but i just given you an advise this list i presented in my experience and some of the most popular articule.

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