Top 5 Tips To Increase Internet Speed From Router

Do you getting slow internet speed compared then you getting at beginning. So there may be many reason getting slow speed. Some time this happen from your ISP and some times it because of router. So here i talk about some tips that may increase your internet speed on router basis.

Here i pointed some point below which may be the reason for getting slow speed. So to know in more detail read this post completely.

Place Router In Right Position

If you using internet at home and you have big house and you are placing your router in some corner of house. Then it’s very bad because the router signal will not completely spread in all direction. So for good speed and range we recommend place your router in center of your house were walls are less. And in free area where signal can be spread in all direction. If you have bungalows or very big house. And not getting range or speed by placing router in center then i strongly recommend you to use wifi extender. It increase your router range without affecting speed. we have listed some best wifi extender below in reasonable price you can by one of them.

Use Different Wifi Channel

May be you thinking about what is channel in wifi router. so, friends channel actually way through data is send to the device from router. In router there is different channel. So if you are living in crowd area with many user who using internet. Then check channel which is mostly used in your place. You can check using free Wifi Ananlyzer app available in playstore.  Using this app check which channel is most used and change your channel to which is less used in your area. Because if there is channel which is not used or people using less. then it create less disturbance in data transferring.

Update Your Router 

If you don not update your router then it’s time to update. Every time new bugs and vulnerability is discovered. And to protect your router from hacker it best to update your router. Or some company try to give best performance using update. so update your router firmware from your official router website.

Change DNS

DNS is one of the important thing which effect your speed very much. By default dns is automatic or configured by your router company. but you can manually change it from your router admin page. You use google DNS as every one knows google is big company it’s dns is very good and it increase your internet speed. Google DNS is

Time To Change Router

If you using old router then it’s time to put it into museum. See friends when you use same router many years. Then router don’t work properly and it’s old to work with latest technology. So it’s good to use latest router.

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